Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mice Love Rice

Mice Love Rice is a . The original vocalist is a Chinese singer named Yang Chen Gang , and his composition quickly gained popularity throughout the East Asian region via the Internet.

Mice Love Rice has become a hit in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore, and has been re-sung by many other Chinese artists including , a Hong Kong-based two-girl band, and Xiang Xiang , another mainland Chinese singer who issued an translation afterwards, of dubious . In Hong Kong, the Emperor Entertainment Group has bought the license for redistributing in the local market. The lyrics of the Mandarin song were rewritten into a Cantonese version, except the famous motif of the song which remains in Mandarin. In Singapore, recording company Play Music won the rights to marketing the song in Singapore, and they released a single of the track as sung by Jocie Kok. There is also a sequel to the song "The Mouse No Longer Loves Rice" written by Chen Yi Peng.

Mouse Loves Rice has also inspired other songs throughout the world including ''Sarang Haeyo'' by singer Lee So-Eun , ''Nezumi ha Kome ga Suki'' by artist , two versions by Cambodian singers Chhet Sovan Panha and Preap Sovath , ''‘Cause I Love You'' by band the Pen Island Boys, and ''Chu?t yêu g?o'' by Vietnamese singer Thanh Th?o.

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